Estybalyz Martinez - Executive Administrator Coordinator

Hi!!!! I’m Estybalyz Martinez, Esty, if you're not used to pronouncing rare unique names.  

I am grateful and honored to hold the position as Executive Administrator Coordinator at Potential of Ability, Incorporated. As our mission statement says we are here to empower, educate, and equip youth and young adults ages (18-24) involved in the foster care system and/or those who have recently exited foster care, youth and young adults who face housing challenges, have educational challenges and those youth and young adults who lack viable long-term stable, meaningful contributing employment. 


Whether you're in the foster system, just exiting, or never been. We are here. To help with those basic life skills that weren’t taught in school such as money management, housing management, how to get and keep a job. If none of these suit you, we also help with substance abuse and/or mental health illness. Point is, no matter what your ability or disabilities may be, we will always see the potential you may have and we will strive to bring it out within yourself. 


Since I was a little bean I strived to become something bigger than I could imagine as I’m sure all of us have. The thing with me is, it was bigger than my mind could grasp, although I was not part of the foster care system, as a young child my family and I faced many challenges to make a decent living. From housing challenges, moving house-to-house, to having educational challenges because of my ethnicity as well as financial challenges and no, it doesn’t stop here. My brother has suffered with severe schizophrenia for almost 10 years now. I never knew what I wanted to study or be when I grew up but one thing I DID have certain was I wanted to help those who faced these similar challenges as me and help those who faced different challenges and Potential of Ability has given me the opportunity to do just that and MORE. 


Now on the other hand I know you’re wanting to know a little more insight on who I am. AKA ‘Golden Nuggets’

I was born and raised here in the wonderful City of Tucson, Arizona. I have had the pleasure of visiting many places at a young age and see different cultures and lifestyles. Some of my favorite hobbies include going on walks, meditating and working out. I also really enjoy arts and crafts but my absolute favorite thing to do is watch sunsets and sunrises. On occasions when I'm close to a beach the sound and visual of waves is something that nothing can top off. My favorite color is yellow, but not just any shade of yellow, that bright yellow you see when the sunrises or that you see on beautiful sunflowers or even that tone of yellow that sometimes sunsets surprise us with. Yellow speaks of friendliness and approachability. It symbolizes warmth, harmony, peace and honesty. Yellow is the color of light, hope, and encouragement. When you see yellow it inspires thoughts and curiosity and boosts enthusiasm and confidence.


I hope this gives you more of an idea of ‘who I am’ and I look forward to hearing from you as it pertains to Potential of Ability, Incorporated, current or future plans or if you have a suggestion please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. 

Thank you and stay blessed. 

Estybalyz Martinez