Steven Ramirez AKA Bones - Public Relations Specialists

Hello, my name is Steven Anthony Ramirez ‘AKA’ Bones. I’m the Chief Potential Officer (aka Public Relations Specialist) with Potential of Ability, Incorporated here in Tucson, Arizona. I joined this wonderful organization in August 2020 and have been grateful for this opportunity ever since.


My goals are to take my lifetime experiences to help steer and mentor anyone who is willing to change. I want to help guide those heading to dark roads and lifestyles, educate them on the harsh reality and effects that it will lead to. 


I was born and raised in the City of Tucson in 1969. I am a product of the streets. Many of you may relate to this part of who I was - ex-gang member, former drug user and drug dealer, along with that came the importation of narcotics. To which led me to be a felon in the State of Arizona. I can proudly say that I’ve been clean and sober for 5 years. 

Even though the beginning years of my life was determined by the bad choices I was making, I had a turnover when I had my first born child. Aside from who I was, I am now a proud father of 3 wonderful kids. Even with 3 kids I am still an active Harley rider and am a proud  member of The Mixtecas Nation.  I also enjoy being part of The Biker/Lowrider Community.  


I hope this gives a bit more insight on who I am. I look forward to meeting and serving those in need. 


Thank you,