Hannah Ellis - Chief People Person

Be Amazing on Purpose - Hannah Ellis


Hannah is certified  in Domestic Abuse Counseling and Child Advocate and she brings over 30 years of community service, with a culturally diverse background.  Hannah, affectionately known as “Chef Momma Bear” is a “Spiritually trained” Chef and uses these skills to create an environment for kids to get involved in the culinary world, while creating a positive mentoring atmosphere. She is not afraid to work the front line with rescuing kids and being available for life’s nuggets -  anytime a deposit is needed! 


Coming from a domestic abusive childhood, Hannah knew early on that being an advocate for the things she did not like, was more beneficial than sitting back and becoming a victim. 


Her life’s journey brought her to Tucson, Arizona in October 2018 after having a life changing surgery that left her without the use of her right hand for a few years.  “Homelessness does select a certain few, it can affect us all”.  In 2016 Hannah became homeless as a single mother of 3 with 2 in college. Not only was she able to gain employment, she continued to help rebuild and give back along the journey.  


“Be Amazing on Purpose” is what she says!  “Everyone has a purpose, we just have to show others how to dance to the beat of their own rhythm that synchronizes with the “One True Source of Light” .